The Scoring Club

The Scoring Club

The Scoring Club run open events throughout the year, played at some of the best courses in the UK and Europe.

All high quality days with fantastic prizes, great food included and the chance to win £20,000 in our Hole-in-One challenges.

Everything you need for a great day, weekend or tour can be taken care of by our in-house team, to ensure you have the best possible time. Accommodation and restaurant recommendations, to suit all budgets and tastes can be provided.

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· All The Scoring Club tournaments are open to golfers of all abilities.

· All players must have a valid CONGU handicap.

· Maximum playing handicaps are 18 for men, 28 for women. (Players of higher handicap can compete but will only receive the maximum allowance).

· Singles events: Full Handicap. Pairs/Team events: 90% Handicap

· Any player without a valid handicap, for example a Society player, can play in the event but are not eligable for top 5 prizes. They can compete for ancillary prizes such as Nearest Pin, Longest Drive, 2’s etc.

· Competitors without an official handicap who play in 3 The Scoring Club events will be allocated a playing handicap for future events based on their completed 3 cards.

2019 Schedule

18/04/2019 The Scoring Club @ Sunningdale Golf Club (Old & New) - £399 per person

27/04/2019 The Scoring Club @ Linden Hall Golf Club - £78 per pair

29/05/2019 The Scoring Club @ Tyneside Golf Club - £160 per team

31/05/2019 The Scoring Club @ Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club - £125 per person

26/07/2019 The Scoring Club @ Craigielaw Golf Club - £89 per person

31/07/2019 The Scoring Club @ Little Aston Golf Club - £109 per person

04/08/2019 The Scoring Club @ Ganton Golf Club - £125 per person