FAIRWAYS Mixed Golfing Events and Holidays

FAIRWAYS Mixed Golfing Events and Holidays

FAIRWAYS Mixed Golf organise events and holidays exclusively for mixed golfing couples with mixed golfing holidays abroad at five star resorts and two/three day mixed golf breaks at some of the UK’s finest golfing hotels. For 25 years our sole aim has been to promote social golf and friendly mixed competition at first class golfing hotels where you will enjoy fine food in good company and play mixed golf over wonderful courses.


· Exclusively for mixed golfing couples

· Fabulous golfing hotels with superb courses

· All competitions are mixed betterball stableford

· You will play with your partner in all competitions

· Ladies play from the Ladies Tees using the Ladies Stroke Index

· European Holidays 7 nights with 3 presentation dinners, 4 mixed competitions

· Worldwide Holidays 10 nights with 5 presentation dinners, 5 mixed competitions

· Sunday Bests Sunday night with private dinner, 2 mixed competitions

· Trophy Tournaments 2 nights with private dinners, 3 mixed competitions


Please visit our website for full details of all mixed golfing events and holidays Click any event or holiday below or the banner above or www.fairwaysmixedgolf.co.uk

2020 Schedule

28/02-09/03/2020 MEXICO Mixed Pairs, Moon Palace - £2,999 per person

18-25/04/2020 ALGARVE Mixed Pairs, Praia Verde - £1,199 per person

17-24/05/2020 NAVARINO Mixed Pairs, Greece - £1,399 per person

11-18/06/2020 PRAIA D’EL REY Mixed Pairs, Portugal - £1,399 per person

28-29/06/2020 ST PIERRE Sunday Best, Monmouthshire - £159 per person

12-13/07/2020 HANBURY MANOR Sunday Best, Hertfordshire - £179 per person

26-27/07/2020 WELCOMBE Sunday Best, Warwickshire - £139 per person

16-17/08/2020 FOREST of ARDEN Sunday Best, Warwickshire - £159 per person

23-24/08/2020 BOWOOD Sunday Best, Wiltshire - £179 per person

30/08-01/09/2020 CORNWALL Trophy, St Mellion - £299 per person

23-30/09/2020 TURKISH Mixed Pairs, Gloria Serenity - £1,499 per person

10-17/10/2020 PENINA Mixed Pairs, Penina, Algarve - £1,099 per person

17-24/10/2020 SAN LORENZO Mixed Pairs, Dona Filipa - £1,269 per person

08-18/11/2020 BERMUDA Mixed Pairs, Grotto Bay - £2,999 per person

01-08/12/2020 GRAN CANARIA Mixed Pairs, Villa del Conde - £1,399 per person