Matchplay Golf Tournaments

Matchplay Golf Tournaments

Matchplay Golf Competitions

Find further information about some of the amateur matchplay golf competitions that are played on a regional basis or throughout the UK.

These tournaments are a fantastic way to experience new courses, often at a reduced green-fee or even free-of-charge.

There are usually a number of local qualifying rounds before a regional final and then the main grand final, often overseas and expenses paid.

2022 Golf Guide Tour Matchplay

Golf Guide Tour Matchplay

2022 sees the launch of our Golf Guide Tour Matchplay adding to an already impressive series of events for the Amateur Golfers. To participate all you need is an official handicap and to be a member of an affiliated golf club in England, Scotland or Wales.

Find out more about the Golf Guide Tour Matchplay.

2022 NCG Top 100s Summer Matchplay

NCG Top 100s Matchplay

Win the ultimate golfing experience in Dubai with the NCG Top 100s Matchplay. A pairs event, your journey starts in your local area with knockout matchplay golf, if you win four rounds you’ll qualify for one of our Regional Finals.

Find out more about the NCG Top 100s Matchplay.

2022 Daily Mail Foursomes

The Daily Mail Foursomes is regarded as the greatest amateur golfing event in the world with more than 190,000 players competing in their club qualifying rounds.

Find out more about the Daily Mail Foursomes.