Opens at 'True Links' Golf Courses

True Links Golf Courses in Great Britain & Northern Ireland

In the excellent book, True Links by esteemed authors George Peper and Malcolm Campbell, they claim that of the 30,000+ golf courses in the world there are only 246 true links.

What's more, over 200 are located in the British Isles. For those wanting to find competitive golf at these 'true links' courses we have compiled a list of open competitions at all of the courses in the UK.

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True Links Golf Courses in the UK

We hope you find this section useful when planning your competitive golf at a true links golf course. To help in your search we have split the courses into four areas:

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True Links Golf Courses




Northern Ireland

Why Links Golf?

Many people regard seaside links golf as the only real place to play golf. For some it is undoubtedly the superior form of the game whilst others simply enjoy their rare outing on a links course when the opportunity allows.

It is unequivocally where the game of golf has its roots and has great historical importance and influence in modern day golf. A round of golf on these traditional, undulating and windswept courses will test every element of your game.

These type of courses, played over sandy, dune-like terrain attract golfers from all over the globe and our own Open Championship uses this type of course exclusively for its tournament.


You can use the links above to see all the open competitions in that country or you can see our full index of all the true links golf courses that feature in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.