Golf Course Reviews - South East

Golf Course Reviews South East of England

Golf Course Reviews in the South East.

Below you will find our golf course reviews from venues in the South East of England including London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Hampshire and Kent.

Must Plays

Royal St. George's

Royal St. George's Golf Club

"In my mind Royal St. George’s at Sandwich is a championship links golf course with few, if any, superiors. Back in 2014 a trip to compete (I use that term very loosely) in the South-East of England Links Championship presented an opportunity for me to complete the playing of every Open Championship course in England."

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Royal Cinque Ports

Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

"I always enjoy my visits to play Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club at Deal, the Kentish town that the course is often referred to by name. It’s an excellent links golf course that requires imagination and skill as well as distance and sound hitting. However, cunning is certainly the order of the day for the most part here."

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Sunningdale (Old & New)

Sunningdale Golf Club

"Sunningdale is a great golf club with two fantastic heathland golf courses. I was expecting something special on my first ever trip to Sunningdale and it didn't let me down. In fact it delivered in spades. I have returned since and it continues to mesmerize."

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Walton Heath (Old)

Walton Heath Golf Club

"Walton Heath, a club with a rich history and distinguished membership, is an oasis of pure heathland golf situated a mere 20 miles outside the city of London. All but one of the 36 holes that comprise both the Old and New courses are laid out on a wonderful piece of golfing terrain that is hauntingly barren yet stunningly beautiful."

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St. George's Hill (Red & Blue)

St. George's Hill Golf Club

"As long as golf is played the debate about which is the best Surrey heathland course will rage. It's a puzzle that will never be solved because it's such a subjective question. However, what is certain is that St. George's Hill will always be a contender. And a very strong one at that."

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West Sussex

West Sussex Golf Club

"Before I even begin to tell you how good this golf course is I want to let you know just how perfect the entire set-up at West Sussex is. The golf course is almost perfect. West Sussex, on the edge of the South Downs, is quite simply a wonderful place and a magnificent location to golf."

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Rye (Old)

Rye Golf Club

"It’s safe to say there’s a lot more to Rye Golf Club than the actual golf course. It’s an idiosyncratic club with a distinguished history and fully deserves its place as a special component in the rich tapestry of English golf. Here is a place where you will find that the respect for the traditional aspects of the game are very much still at the forefront."

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Highly Recommended


Woking Golf Club

"In the summer of 2019 I returned to Woking after a 20 year absence. Much has changed over the last two decades but the atmosphere of the club and the strategy of the course have not budged an inch."

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Hankley Common

Hankley Common Golf Club

"Hankley Common is a heathland paradise played over a sprawling tract of land on the North Surrey Downs where the texture of the property is utterly divine. Pastel colours, sprinkled with tints of purple, give the course a wonderful character which perpetually changes on a seasonal basis."

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Swinley Forest

Swinley Forest Golf Club

"Swinley Forest is a delectably English golf club set in the heart of the Berkshire sand-belt on a secluded parcel of land boasting beautiful heather, gorse and pines. It’s not only one of the most charming courses, in an area blessed with a plethora of wonderful heathland venues, but also one of the best."

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The Berkshire (Red)

Berkshire Golf Club

"A full day of golf (and lunch) at The Berkshire is one of life’s little luxuries and definitely worth saving up for. Here you will find 36 holes of excellent heathland golf that is played over some wonderful land with many memorable holes amongst a tranquil and secluded setting."

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Littlestone Golf Club

"I love pretty much everything about the intriguing and challenging links at Littlestone. There is a rustic charm to this most appealing of layouts where you enjoy all the best traits of seaside golf. The 18 holes traverse flattish, but naturally undulating linksland, and provide a fair test of golf with a few surprises thrown in along the way."

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Hayling Golf Club

"Hayling is an extremely fast running golf course played over pure linksland. It begins at a nice steady pace then gathers momentum towards and around the turn before it gradually but emphatically builds to a crescendo at the 12th; one of the finest holes you will ever play."

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Prince's (Shore, Dunes & Himalayas)

Prince's Golf Club

"It may be located in the far South-East corner of England but as I found out recently a trip to Prince's is well worth a visit. My first word of advice would be to take a few days to enjoy a place where tradition and history not only meets the demands of modern day golf head on but somehow merges them seamlessly to create a fabulous experience."

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Royal Wimbledon

Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

"I recently took the opportunity to play Royal Wimbledon Golf Club in their 36-hole scratch open competition, The Royal Wimbledon Trophy. It’s a golf course that has long been on my radar to play but the consequence of having to drive deep into London coupled with a hefty visitor green-fee of £155 had delayed the process."

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Blackmoor Golf Club

"I played Blackmoor on a beautiful summer evening, paid just £35 for a twilight green-fee and had virtually the entire property all to myself. I drove away in disbelief wondering why people weren’t queuing up to play this fabulous golf course situated just minutes off the A3 in Hampshire."

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New Zealand

New Zealand Golf Club

"New Zealand Golf Club is one of the least heralded golf courses on the Surrey sandbelt yet it is one of the most fascinating and maximises its relatively flat terrain to great effect. I suspect The Club are quite happy that their course often goes under the radar and certainly doesn’t seek the attention that others crave."

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West Hill

West Hill Golf Club

"In an area drenched with a bountiful number of the country’s elite courses West Hill stands proud as one of Surrey's oldest and most respected. The alluring venue is consistently cited as a firm favourite for many a travelling golfer and there’s an undeniable charm to whacking your ball around this fabulous and tranquil parcel of heath."

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Stoneham Golf Club

"Stoneham’s biggest asset is undoubtedly its superb routing over adventurous terrain which ultimately lends itself to some unique and brilliant golf holes. And with well over 3,000 trees recently cleared the beauty of the property can now be showcased properly which also goes hand-in-hand with greatly improved playability and better ground conditions."

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Coombe Hill

Coombe Hill Golf Club

"Coombe Hill is a thrilling JF Abercromby design that compares well with many, if not most, of the famed nearby Surrey and Berkshire courses that occupy the various top 100 golf course lists. In fact to the untrained eye you would be forgiven for thinking you are playing one of the great heathlands at this flamboyant woodland venue."

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Royal Ashdown Forest (Old)

Walton Heath (New)

Woburn (Marquess)

Woburn (Dukes)

The Berkshire (Blue)


The Addington

Camberley Heath

North Hants


Knole Park

Wentworth (East)


London (Heritage)

The Wisley

The Grove

Woburn (Duchess)


Goodwood (Downs)

Crowborough Beacon

Wentworth (Edinburgh)

Bearwood Lakes

Moor Park (High)

Chart Hills


Leckford (Old)


Best of the Rest

London (International)

The Oxfordshire

Reigate Heath

Thorndon Park

Hadley Wood


Old Fold Manor

Frilford Heath (Red)



Rye (Jubilee)

Brocket Hall (Palmerston)

Sandy Lodge

Frilford Heath (Green)


Brocket Hall (Melbourne)

Tadmarton Heath


Royal Mid Surrey

London Scottish



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