Golf Course Reviews - North West of Ireland

Golf Course Reviews North West of Ireland

Golf Course Reviews in the North West of Ireland.

Below you will find our golf course reviews from venues in the North West of Ireland including County Donegal.

Must Plays

Ballyliffin (Glashedy)

Ballyliffin Golf Club Glashedy

"Thanks to a lot of earth moving the course is able to take a dramatic routing across the dunes and although the fairways are generally levelled they have created a wonderful balance between old school and modern links golf where the plunge, rise and then often fall again."

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Ballyliffin (Old)

Ballyliffin Golf Club Old

"The Old course is more natural and provides a quieter, more traditional style of links golf over its marvelously rumpled fairways. Awkward lies and stances are assured and unpredictable bounces are the norm on a course where the ground game must also be played if at all possible due to the windy nature of the site."

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Rosapenna (Sandyhills)

Rosapenna Golf Club Sandyhills

"The Sandyhills course, largely undisputed as the best on the estate and often ranked within the top links of Great Britain & Ireland, is a relentless modern golfing experience of the big dune type."

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Highly Recommended


Donegal Golf Club

"On the mile-long drive along a tree-lined, single-lane track towards Donegal Golf Club one would be forgiven for wondering if there was a links course within 100 miles of the dense woodland you are travelling through. However, one soon emerges onto the open Murvagh peninsula and the sight of rolling duneland lifts the spirits."

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North West

North West Golf Club

"North West Golf Club, a founder member of the Golf Union of Ireland located on the Inishowen Peninsula at Buncrana, is a hugely underrated links course laid out on a narrow and compact tract of land."

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Portsalon Golf Club

"Portsalon provides a wonderful mix of high quality links golf in a beautiful part of Ireland. You could argue that because of its eclectic style the course lacks some consistency but I rather enjoyed the variety it provides. Nestled under the Knockalla mountains The Club was founded in 1891 and is one of the founder members of the Golfing Union of Ireland, the oldest golf union in the world."

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Cruit Island

Cruit Island Golf Club

"If there are golf courses in heaven I suspect they will be very much in the spirit of Cruit Island. Reaching this remote course, set above the wild and rugged Atlantic ocean on the very edge of Ireland, is almost as dramatic as the course itself. A single-lane track, with minimal passing points, is used for the last several miles of your journey to reach this unbelievably beautiful and unspoilt part of the country. "

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