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Portmarnock Hotel & Links - August 2019

Portmarnock Hotel Golf Club

"Portmarnock Hotel & Links, not to be confused with the neighbouring 125-year-old Portmarnock Golf Club, is a modern course designed by Bernhard Langer in 1996. Staying in the very fine adjoining upmarket hotel gives residents a discounted green-fee on this championship-style links. "

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Cruit Island Golf Club - August 2019

Cruit Island Golf Club

"If there are golf courses in heaven I suspect they will be very much in the spirit of Cruit Island. Reaching this remote course, set above the wild and rugged Atlantic ocean on the very edge of Ireland, is almost as dramatic as the course itself. A single-lane track, with minimal passing points, is used for the last several miles of your journey to reach this unbelievably beautiful and unspoilt part of the country. "

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Portsalon Golf Club - August 2019

Portsalon Golf Club

"Portsalon provides a wonderful mix of high quality links golf in a beautiful part of Ireland. You could argue that because of its eclectic style the course lacks some consistency but I rather enjoyed the variety it provides. Nestled under the Knockalla mountains The Club was founded in 1891 and is one of the founder members of the Golfing Union of Ireland, the oldest golf union in the world."

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Donegal Golf Club - August 2019

Donegal Golf Club

"On the mile-long drive along a tree-lined, single-lane track towards Donegal Golf Club one would be forgiven for wondering if there was a links course within 100 miles of the dense woodland you are travelling through. However, one soon emerges onto the open Murvagh peninsula and the sight of rolling duneland lifts the spirits."

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Crail Golf Club - August 2019

Crail Golf Club

"Of all the links golf courses around the Fife Coast the Balcomie Links at Crail must be the most picturesque of them all. The view of the rocky coastline from the elevated, modern clubhouse is panoramically majestic and the scenery to feast on as you golf over the links is just about unrivalled in this part of the world."

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St. Andrews Links - August 2019

St. Andrews Links (Old) Golf Club

"There’s very little that hasn’t been written about the golfing mecca that is St. Andrews. Golfers (and indeed non-golfers) flock to this corner of Fife from all over the World to savour the delights of the ‘Grey Auld Toun’ and for most it is mainly to play, or at least see and walk, The Old Course; the spiritual home of golf and where it all began for our beloved game."

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Gullane Golf Club (No.1, No.2 & No.3) - August 2019

Gullane Golf Club

"No less than three courses, ranked by number reflecting their age, constitute Gullane Golf Club. It is here you will find an expansive oasis of links golf located in the small East Lothian town that the club is named after. The town itself is a perfect base for golfing in East Lothian with over 20 quality golf courses within easy reach."

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Hankley Common Golf Club - July 2019

Hankley Common Golf Club

"Hankley Common is a heathland paradise played over a sprawling tract of land on the North Surrey Downs where the texture of the property is utterly divine. Pastel colours, sprinkled with tints of purple, give the course a wonderful character which perpetually changes on a seasonal basis."

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Hillside Golf Club - June 2019

Hillside Golf Club

"Hillside is one of several first-class championship links in prime golfing territory on the West Coast of England. Located tight between Birkdale to the North and Southport & Ainsdale to the South it makes a tasty filling for what is a delicious sandwich of links golf."

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Colonsay Golf Club - June 2019

Colonsay Golf Club

"I wouldn't necessarily recommend you visit Colonsay specifically for the golf, however, that's not to suggest you shouldn't visit this beyond beautiful island, inhabited by less than 150 people, in the Hebrides and play their truly unique golf course."

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Dunaverty Golf Club - June 2019

Dunaverty Golf Club

"I heard the squelch first. The gentle sinking sensation soon followed. However, it was a few seconds before I felt the warm, moist trickling sensation around my ankle. The smell came shortly afterwards."

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Machrihanish Golf Club (Championship & Pans) - June 2019

Machrihanish Golf Club

"Playing at The Machrihanish Golf Club is perhaps not as romantic a prospect as it was several years ago. None-the-less it’s a fabulous golfing experience. Located close to the bottom tip of the Kintyre Peninsula near Campbeltown its remoteness, and therefore its magical appeal, is not as obvious as it perhaps was decades ago."

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Woking Golf Club - June 2019

Woking Golf Club

"In the summer of 2019 I returned to Woking after a 20 year absence. Much has changed over the last two decades but the atmosphere of the club and the strategy of the course have not budged an inch."

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Strandhill Golf Club - May 2019

Strandhill Golf Club

"Strandhill Golf Club is a links course that often lives in the shadow of its GB&I Top 100 near neighbour, County Sligo, and that is doing it a real disservice because this befuddling good golf course delivers with a bang and offers great value at the same time."

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Llandrindod Wells Golf Club - April 2019

Llandrindod Wells Golf Club

"Atop a large hill in Mid Wales above the Victorian spa town of Llandrindod Wells lays a topsy-turvy, rough-and-tumble, bags-of-fun golf course. It was originally laid out by six-times Open Champion Harry Vardon then subsequently altered by the prolific course designer James Braid (who only managed to win The Open on five occasions) and gives us a glimpse into how golf was played a century ago."

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Saunton Golf Club (East & West) - April 2019

Saunton Golf Club

"If anyone dare claim there is a better 36 holes of links golf at one golf club in England than at Saunton I'm pretty sure I could make an unquestionable case for this wonderful piece of linksland. One of the things that confirms this for me is, not only the quality of every single hole, but the subtle yet significant differences between the two courses."

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St. Mellion Golf Club - April 2019

St. Mellion Golf Club

"The four-star St. Mellion International Resort is not short of accolades. The Nicklaus course has been voted the 'Best Golf Course' in the West of England by Today's Golfer Magazine readers and the complex recently ranked 14th in the Top 100 UK & Ireland Golf Resorts."

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Castletown Golf Club - April 2019

Castletown Golf Club

"If you’ve got an itch sometimes you’ve just got to scratch it… even if it’s in a hard-to-reach place! And in my personal quest to play all the true links golf course in the British Isles that was exactly the case with Castletown."

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Bradford Moor Golf Club - February 2019

Bradford Moor Golf Club

"Bradford Moor is a little dazzler of a nine-hole golf course close to the city. Not without interest there are some decent holes and the turf, if not quite true moorland, is springy, firm and was pleasing to hit from in early February."

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