GB&I Golf Course Reviews

Golf Course Reviews

There are currently over 300 golf course reviews listed on the Golf Empire website.

That's right! Not only do we tell you where and when competitive golf will be played, by listing over 10,000 open competitions at more than 1,500 golf clubs, but we also let you know which are the best golf courses to play... in our humble opinion anyway!

Latest Golf Course Reviews

New reviews added regularly

New golf course reviews are continually being added to the website so keep checking back regularly. Feel free to leave a note in the comments section of each review too, if you have played the course, and whether you agree or disagree with our opinion.

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Living on the Links Spectrum

Living on the Links Spectrum

Just how many genuine links golf courses are there? It's a question that is often asked and like many things in life the answer is not always black and white.

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Golf Course Reviews by Region

Post your own review & photos

We have recently added a new feature which allows our visitors to post their own reviews of the golf courses they have played. On each golf club page you will now see opportunity to rate that venue (out of 5) and submit a review.

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Golf Course Reviews by Region

Where to play near you

Whether you are looking to play new golf courses in your area or are perhaps looking to visit a specific part of the United Kingdom for a golf trip you should find our reviews by region section useful.

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Combined GB&I Top 100 Golf Courses List

Top 100 Golf Courses

We have combined the four main industry lists to publish the average position for each venue in a combined GB&I Top 100 Golf Courses.

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Top Golf Course Reviews

Play the best golf courses

Everybody loves a list! Here you will find what we consider to be the best golf courses. We have even split it down so that you can compare different types of golf courses; links versus inland for example. You will also find rankings from other websites and magazines.

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Alphabetical Index of Golf Course Reviews

Full list of course reviews

If you would like to find out if we have reviewed a specific golf course our alphabetical index of all our golf course reviews may prove useful. There's over 300 listed!

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My Perfect 18 Golf Holes

My Perfect 18

We are blessed with some of the finest golf courses in the World. The individual parts of these wonderful golfing playgrounds, the actual holes, are often what are remembered above all else following a round of golf. For a variety of reasons some simply stand out above the rest.

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Treasure Chest Golf Courses

Treasure Chest Golf Courses

The term "Hidden Gem" is a horribly overused term when describing golf courses.... and I'm sorry to say that we are going to use it here also.

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Our Golf Course Reviewer - Ed Battye

Our reviewer

Ed founded Golf Empire to help amateur golfers find out where and when competitive golf will be played. He currently plays off a handicap of one and lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

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