Yelverton Golf Club

Amateur Open Golf Competitions at Yelverton Golf Club

Below is a list of amateur open golf tournaments due to be held at the above golf club. Simply click on an event to be taken to the full details of the competition and instructions on how to enter.

Yelverton Golf Club

There’s a real feel-good factor about playing golf at Yelverton. It’s great for your soul and can also be a confidence booster for your golf; that is if you catch it on as benign a day as I did.

With a big blue sky overhead, record April temperatures, a mere zephyr in the air, all the colours of the rainbow on display across the textured property and with views across Devon and Cornwall, which are just about as good as any from a golf course, it’s no wonder I’m about to write nice things about this ye-olde-worlde golf club.

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Yelverton Golf Club

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