Knole Park Golf Club

Amateur Open Golf Competitions at Knole Park Golf Club

Below is a list of amateur open golf tournaments due to be held at the above golf club. Simply click on an event to be taken to the entry form for that event which can be printed off, filled in and sent to the open competition organiser.

Knole Park Golf Club

Stumbling across Knole Park on a balmy May afternoon was like finding a little golfing treasure trove. There’s lots of golfing goodness to be found at this most English of golf courses.

I’m not sure where this course has been all my life but I’m so glad it is now a small part of it. Discovering hidden gems is rare in the modern age where I doubt there is a venue that hasn’t been showcased on its own website, in one of the golfing magazines or on social media etc...

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Knole Park Golf Club

17/05/2018 Ladies Team Open @ Knole Park Golf Club - £135 per team

21/07/2018 Junior Open @ Knole Park Golf Club - £27 per person

01/09/2018 Gents Individual Open @ Knole Park Golf Club - £49 per person