Hole in One Prize Insurance

Hole in One Prize Insurance for Golf Clubs

Golf Care Hole-In-One Prize Insurance

Want to up the ante at your next Golf Day by putting a fabulous prize up for grabs?

Golf Care are giving you the chance to entice more entrants to your golf competitions by helping you cover the cost of a once-in-a lifetime prize.

Whether it’s a brand new car, a luxury holiday, or even cash, we’ll insure the cost of that prize for a low premium. So if one of your golfers does strike lucky you’re covered against the cost.

Whether the field are scratch golfers or 32 handicappers everyone has an equal chance of winning when they take to the tee. Imagine the publicity for your club if someone takes home a brand new Mercedes Benz?

Golf Care's Hole-In-One prize insurance policies are tailored to the needs of your event.

Try a quick quote today to see the prize value you can get for such a small premium.