Bespoke events

List a bespoke open golf event

Golf Empire provides a free service to golf clubs in order to help promote their annual open golf competitions.

Due to the popularity of our website we are often contacted by companies, county unions, associations and/or individuals who also organise 'open' golf tournaments but they are not normal 'golf club run' events and are administered independently.

Whilst our website is not specifically designed to list these type of bespoke events we are happy to publish them for the organisers. However, due to the additional work required to set them up in our website backend, and usually the more complex nature of the competitions, these events are subject to a £50+vat set-up fee for the year. Should there be multiple competitions any subsequent events are £25 each.

Any bespoke events are set-up in exactly the same manner as a normal golf club open with a generic Golf Empire entry-form (if required) or alternatively we can link through to the competition website where golfers can enter online or download an official entry-form.


Charity Opens

We also receive lots of requests to list charity golf opens. If the event is for a registered charity we do not charge a set-up fee and it is listed in the same manner, and is included in all the same places, as a normal golf club open.


Tours & Multi-Day Events

If you run a series of events (eg: an amateur golf tour) or a multi-day & course event you may wish to email us to discuss your requirements as we have specific packages for these type of competitions.



Should you wish to list your bespoke event please email the details to [email protected] and we will arrange for you or you can submit the details online and we will be in touch to arrange payment.