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Golf Empire provides details about all these tournaments along with either an entry-form or a link to online tee-time booking. We also have more than 400 golf course reviews on our review website.

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Open Golf Competitions

Find Over 10,000 Open Competitions

Open competitions are a great way for amateur golfers to play new courses and an excellent opportunity to experience competitive golf at different venues.

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Amateur Golf Tours

Schedules for Amateur Golf Tours

These competitions provide something slightly different to a normal open event, often with a season-long order of merits culminating in a grand final.

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Multi-Day Golf Tournaments

Dates for Multi-day Tournaments

These tournaments are usually played at multiple courses over a number of days and based around one specific region.

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Matchplay Golf Competitions

Details about Matchplay Comps

These tournaments are a fantastic way for golfers to experience new courses, often enter at a reduced green-fee or even free-of-charge.

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Golf Course Reviews from Golf Empire

Over 400 Golf Course Reviews

New reviews are being continually added to our dedicated golf course reviews website so keep checking back regularly.

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Top 100 Golf Courses

Open Tournaments at Top 100 Golf Courses

Play the best courses in England, Scotland & Wales but hurry because many of these opens fill up extremely quickly.

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True Links Golf Courses

Open Events at Links Golf Courses

Play the superior form of the game by competing in an open competition over a true links golf course.

There are less than 250 in the world.

See all True Links Golf Courses

Overseas Golf Opens

Overseas Golf Competitions

Find out where and when overseas golf open competitions will be played. Travel to some fantastic golfing destinations and mix competitive golf with your holiday.

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Charity Golf Opens

Charity Golf Open Competitions

Find out where and when charity golf open competitions will be played. Support a wide range of charities who help raise funds through golf competitions.

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For Golf Clubs: How to list your open competitions

How to List Your Open Competitions

Golf Empire visitors are searching specifically for one thing... to play competitive golf at different courses! It's FREE to list your 2023 open golf competitions.

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