Battle Golf

2017 Battle Golf

Battle Golf is a unique golf tournament designed to test both golfers strategic skill and golfing ability.

We are different because golfers will not only win holes but will win the right to either ban an opponents club for the rest of the round or take back a club you have had banned.

Anyone with an active Congu handicap is free to play in the Battle golf tournament. If your Handicap exceeds 20 you may bring it down to 20 provided it is active.

You are given a unique chance for the fee of £50 to win a holiday to Spain and play on a top course in a destination that is a little more welcoming with the beautiful weather and courses.

Battle Golf gives golfers the chance to play more golf for free (provided the home player club gives courtesy). The away player will experience different courses that they might not of had the chance to play before.

You are placed into a league. 2 home games are played, 2 away. You will be placed into a league with people close to you to avoid long distance travels. Giving you the chance to play course you may not of gotten around to playing and meeting like minded golfers.The opportunity for the fee of £50 to enter a new golf tournament and win that all expenses paid trip to sunny Spain in February of 2018. Competing to be the first golfer to win the battle golf trophy.

League Stage

· The first of 3 stages in the Battle Golf tournament.

· The league will consist of 5 golfers.

· 3 points are rewarded to the winner of a match, 0 to the loser.

· Each golfer will play each other once.

· The winner of each league will qualify to the regional stage.

· League ties are decided by your head to head result.

Regional stage to be played at a selected venue

· Golfers will play a pro style stroke play tournament.

· Winning golfers will be put in the regional closest to them.

· Full handicap rule will be in place.

· Battle Golf tees will be placed on course.

· Live scoring will tell you how far off the lead you are.

· 3 golfers will qualify for the Grand Final.

Grand Finals

· The Grand Final is 4 days at a top golf course in Spain venue (TBA) to relax, drink, eat and play some golf. The grand final is over 18 holes of stroke play golf. If tied after 18 holes a playoff hole will be played till there is a winner. The winner will be awarded the Battle golf Trophy and crowned 2017 Champion and receive free entry to defend there title!

Cost of entry

· £50 per person

· Closing Date: 1st July 2017

How to enter